About Welltech

WELLTECH was founded in Hong Kong in the year of 2001 and we have devoted ourselves to the field of climatic control. Now we are the leading designer and manufacturer of environmental chambers with a variety of environmental parameters including temperature/humidity, O2, CO2, solar, wind and rain. We have our factory in Shenzhen, China for the production and research.
Besides providing the standard units, we design the custom systems to meet the desired environments required. We have extensive experience in the design and building of the unique climatic control systems.
For custom systems, we also coordinate and work closely with architects, consultants, main contractors throughout the whole process including the design, production and on-site services. We make sure the highest quality of the systems and services delivered, with the compliance to the ordinances and guidelines.
We have our systems installed worldwide, such as Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand etc.