AHU AIR Scrubber for Low CO2

To keep the low CO2 in the building, normally the AHU would intake large amount of fresh air and the process makes the heavy loading of the chiller and heating coil.
The AHU air scrubber developed by Welltech can be integrated to the AHU and absorb the CO2 directly. The new process greatly reduces the amount of fresh air needed and the loading of chiller and heating coil for the energy saving purpose.

Three areas

Six advantages

IAQ standard

Effective energy saving

Investment cost reduction

CO2 direct removal

Environmental protection

Certificate scheme

The difference between with and without Welltech AHU air scrubber  
Function Normal AHU AHU Air Scrubber
Remove CO2
Indoor co2 filtering
Fresh air intake 80-100% 25%-50%
Energy consumption 80-100% 40-60%