Sports Science and Human Performance Training with Low CO2

Low CO2 environment is always the most important in the field of sports science and human performance research; Welltech is able to design and build the custom high-capacity CO2 system to effectively absorb the high-concentration CO2 generated and maintain low CO2 in the training.
There are always other environmental parameters to the controlled with the low CO2, Welltech is also able to offer the unique and complete solution of environmental chamber with the desired environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, CO2 and O2 etc. All parameters can be operated independently or simultaneously.

Installations in Worldwide Sports Institutes

We have designed and built the environmental systems to the worldwide sports institutes and our systems are able to maintain low CO2 for the athletes exercising heavily in the closed training environment. Our users include: The Hong Kong Sports Institute Limited, Singapore Sports Council and National Sports Institute of Malaysia etc.

Unique Features

High-capacity system to absorb the high-concentration CO2 from athletes

Complete and custom system built with environmental chamber and other desired environmental parameters if required

Four advantages

Project Photos

CO2 scrubber