IAQ - for office

Office CO2 Management

Many buildings now using glass curtain walls and the design of the central air-conditioning system that makes it difficult to pass a large amount of fresh air into the building. In crowded area, indoor CO2 always exceeds 3000ppm

CO2 Scrubber

It can be placed directly in the indoor area of the office to directly remove the CO2.
CO2 adsorption during the day time and regeneration at night time. It can be used non-stop 365 days a year.

CO2 Adsorption capacity

The absorption capacity depends on number of peope.
At empty room, CO2 can even absorp down to 10ppm. .

CO2 Adsorption principle

The CO2 catalyst is a kind of regnerable material. Packed with our special filtering rack, the CO2 can be directly captured by the catalyst.

Through regeneration processs, the CO2 can be exhuasted out at 50C.
Day time absorb CO2, Night time exhaust CO2.


In order to match with the office environment. The casing material can be stainless steel, wooden or glass white board. We can also custom make the fit the limited space environment.
Customer design of size to meet the office space. Normal standard size is 600x500x1800mm (WxDxH). Mini-CO2 scrubber is 400x500x1000mm (WxDxH).